Angelika Öllinger, Austrian, 25
Womenswear, Fashion MA

INSTAGRAM: @angelikaoellinger

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The idea of ‚Skim the clouds atop the wind‘ was born by an artwork from Liz Bachhuber. Her art is all about the contrast between the man made and nature: Transparancy and wood, natural and artificial materials. The aim of my collection is to have that same contrast. A very humble haute-couture feeling. Workwear elements combined with haute-couture tailoring. Therefore I did garment research about the 1940s, when women started to wear menswear /workwear and the Image of ‚Rosie the Riverta‘ arose. Inspiration for my collection mood came from the photographer Jackie Nickerson and his photographes of Indian flower market workers. I wanted to collaborate with nature, for example the rust dye I used on a jacket. Broken glass bits that i found at the river are included in bags, prints and accessoires. Falconry was within one part of my research , with the focus on the collaboration of the wild animal and the human being. Therefor some headpieces remind of a bird scull/falconry hood. The floating shoe idea for example originated from the falconry topic and the long lived human dream of being able to fly