Ann Verdonck (°1973, Gent)
+32 (0)497551038
Facebook: @kunstannverdonck

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Here is some background information about me.
I started to paint fully in 2017. I paint free from trends or dogma’s. To create something on canvas gives me a great self-satisfaction. I channel my emotions and humor through my art. The process of painting comes naturelly. To paint is simply magical. Born on the 2nd of July 1973 in Ghent, Belgium, I soon discovered the comforting passion for art, drawing and painting. I got my Masters degree at the Academie for Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium.
KASK Ghent – Master of Arts, 1996 with honors
Sint-Lucas KSO, Secundair, 1992
Discription of my submitted artwork AGE QOUD AGIS
‘Do what you are doing’ or ‘come as you are’ is the meaning of the title
and the meaning of life. ‘Just be yourself’ is the free interpretation of the artist.
(100 x 140 cm – oil on canvas)