° 1960
Lives and works in Lokeren, Belgium / Paris, France
Hoger instituut voor Beeldende Kunsten, Sint Lucas Gent, Belgium 

Website: https://www.annepodevyn.be
Instagram: @annepodevyn

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Anne Podevyn is a contemporary artist and expresses herself in drawing and painting with oil on canvas or wood, ink and watercolour on paper. The subjects of her paintings and drawings often devoted to the human form are taken from a vast collection of images assembled by the artist from live model drawings, mass media, personal photographs, memories. Artistic creation is like an inner monologue/dialogue. It is about searching, creating, discovering. Where “nothing”changes into “something”. The human figure and human condition are an endless source of inspiration. A narrative that opens itself to interpretation. “Painting is poetry, poetry is painting”.

Description of the artwork:
“Man carrying a Landscape”
Oil on canvas 111 cm X 81 cm