HUGO is a contemporary artist from Antwerp, Belgium.

IG: @a.rasker

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A short biography
HUGO’s practice spans a broad range of media including painting, sculpture, performance and video. HUGO stands for action, play and humor; Questioning art and the art world, the art market and art capitalism in today’s money-driven, consumer-based society; Banality, absurdity and spectacle in the art world or this society are the most common themes in HUGO’s work.
A short description about the work
HUGO’s work placed in the streets of Wommelgem where the theme of a billboard is taken to an exhibition space using the trees as billboard. The artist is always associated with his work and with a prize, especially in the case of a deceased or high brow artist. At an auction you can see a live performance of the art market. A true spectacle in which names and numbers are thrown at your head. It inspired HUGO to make this work and place it in an absurd village and street in Belgium. The mask can be seen as the identity of HUGO and the numbers mean what you are worth. By placing the works on trees the works become ‘Wanted’ posters. The idea of a billboard get’s twisted and brings up the feeling of police searching for several HUGO’s with a price on their heads. Acrylic paint on wooden panels.