PRESENTED BY GALLERY Callewaert Vanlangendonck

Ayrton Eblé (° 1994) is a regular uninvited visitor of construction sites and other architectural urban interventions.

Instagram @eble.ayrton

Instagram @callewaertvanlangendonck

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By means of pseudo-archaeological research, the city reveals itself to him as a constantly developing aesthetic field of research. He documents this spectacle by means of (analogue) photography and thus builds up an equally constantly growing archive of visual material. This archive forms the starting point for his artistic practice, which extends across various disciplines: painting, installation, video and site-specific work.

Description of the submitted artwork

This image was created in contribution to the second edition of The Archive Hotel in 2019. For which the artist created a site-specific installation in an underground construction site in an attempt to create work in a discordant environment opposed to the artist studio as safe-space.

‘ARCHIVE, 2019’, Intervention in underground public parking space, commissioned for The Archive Hotel, documented action, digital photograph. (Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery)