Spanish artist and photographer Carmen Pazos obtained her Fine Arts BA at Kyoto Seika University in Japan before moving to Belgium to study a Photography MA at LUCA Brussels. Since her graduation, her artistic practice comprises different mediums, including photography, painting, printmaking, and sound.

Social media: @summer_carmen

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Through her work, she reflects on social dynamics, what is common to all of us as humans and what we share, as well as our relation to an every day more connected and globalized world.
Description of the artwork:
When it comes to my photographic practice I barely ever work with staged images. That is the case too with this one, which I pictured in my head way before I finally captured it in the streets of Brussels. With it I want to appeal to the viewer’s physical and emotional senses, evoking a gesture we can all relate to, even though our perception of it and its connotations for us may widely vary depending on our socio-cultural background. Holding hands is an intimate gesture, based on physical contact, a cousin of caresses. That is why I chose this photo (which is also one of my favorite images among my photographic work) to present for the OnBoards exhibition. Now that we are slowly getting back the hugs, the kisses, and the hands holding it feels like the perfect time for it to become part of Antwerp’s urban landscape for a little while.