Ching-Lin Chen, from Taiwan. Now, he is studying in Antwerp Fashion Department. Before studying in Antwerp, He graduated from Shih-Chien University, Taiwan in 2014. During 2015-2018, Ching-Lin worked as a womenswear/knitting designer in a Taiwanese luxury brand_ Shiatzy Chen for 3years.

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Ching-Lin focuses on avant-garde and wearability. Ching-Lin’s menswear expresses himself with his craftsmanship and experimentation in silhouette, often rendered in rich contrasting colors of wool fabric, jacquards and floral elements. His design concepts have always had a romantic and neutral style, so these works not only reflect his ideas but also show the maturity of his design experience.
This society is like a big garden. There are many flowers in here with various types, colors, and shapes. The flower is a symbol in my collection, and it has different life cycles with the texture of softness and hardness, and it reflects the bright and dark sides of our society. My inspiration is from two news happened in Taiwan, one is “Policeman fired for growing long hair”, another one is “High school allows boys to wear skirts to class”. For me, these are talking about “Gender equality” and “Sexual orientation”. “Toilet Sign” clearly divides our gender. From the square form of toilet sign with man and woman figures, I transfer the “Sign” concept into my collection and make my clothes wearable, or hung on the wall as an art display.