Christa Stoop (1982, Ursem – The Netherlands) creates abstract, architectonic compositions in different media, such as 3D-print, acrylic and fine art print. My work explores geometric shapes and colours inspired by modern architecture, art and design.

Instagram: christa_stoop


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The love for geometric shapes emerged in the Dutch Polder landscape I grew up in, with its functional lines and characteristics. Besides law, I studied interior design, art history and took art courses in screen printing and acrylic painting. In addition to my work as an artist, I am working for organisations within the Creative Industry. This combination provides me inspiration.
‘Street Life’
This print is based on collages I cut and compose from Dutch magazines. All my collages have an abstract style and each one tells a story about the daily (build) environment. This print tells the story of street life. The theme fits the streets of Antwerp perfectly!