CiKunigk has bachelor degree in Fine Arts from FAAP, a latu-sensus degree in Art Museum Studies from MAC/USP and a Master degree in Art History from ECA/USP. She wrote “Nicola Rollo – A Sculptor in the Brazilian Modern Art. 1889-1970”, her dissertation is in the ECA/USP library, São Paulo, Brazil. Now I live near Chicago where I develop my artwork.



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I studied art, photography and commercial and traditional printmaking in Sao Paulo – Brazil, my birth country where I grew up. Almost 20 years ago, when I realized I could use technology instead of paint and brushes, my artwork found its media in the digital domain. Photography was always an important part of my life, captivating my imagination in a very intriguingmanner, expressed here through colorful art with intense luminance and contrast, sometimes almost on the edge of an abstract artwork but always holding on to its figurative essence. Much more as an aesthetic expression than a factual record of reality, my portraits have a very distinct characteristic of painterly images. I always see people as a curious subject with unspoken secrets and certain mysteries that should be left quiet that way – we will never know them for sure and that reflects in these uncertain images portrayed but still in a conventional format.
Recent shows – 2021:
Marin Society of Artist
Art Gallery Ring
Art Lab Gallery – Sao Paulo (August 2021)
“Santa Nicole Azul” is the portrait of a wise woman with powerful words. She is a friend. She would come to my apartment and brighten my days making them better ones. She is a colorful person translated in this depiction that shows her sight going deep and toward us with the intensity of her sacred compassion. Because of all that I portrayed her as a saint.