Denys Shantar (*1997 Kherson, UA) has a background in drama and finished his study in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in summer 2019. He is currently doing his master in Costume Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
IG: denysshantar

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As a starting point he often uses his own memories and those from other people and deploys different materials and techniques in order to create narratives which lie between reality and fiction. In his exploration of childhood, religion, migration and queerness, he not only questions relationships, but always links the personal to global events.

The Well
Photography, acrylic paint on old plate
2021, Antwerp
I found this plate in a secondhand store here in Antwerp, and it made me think of a project that I had in mid for quiet some time. About two years ago I started an art meme account on Instagram (@wonderlandartmemes) as a fun art project. Having a more lighthearted project to contrast my more serious topics that I use in my normal artistic practice. I stopped the account after a year, since at one point the memes seemed more forced then fun and because I wanted to move on, but the desire to translate this digital project into and an analogue one stayed. I believe that we as artist take us sometimes too seriously, and I think sometimes it’s also just enough to make something fun that people can enjoy. That’s why I decided to use the opportunity and create this piece for the Onboards Biennale.