My name is Alise Anna Dzirniece and this is my work ‘’Tales by the lake’’. Its a painting I had made for my upcoming 3ed year bachelor collection in Fashion department in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


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I am born and raised in Jugla which is a neighbourhood in Riga, Latvia. Most of my childhood I spent near the Jugla lake and the forests but I was not going on my adventures alone. I had sheared them with a friend thatsince then I have lost the connection with- my imaginary friend Elizete. My collection is about re-building the memory of this long-lost imaginary friend and fantasizing where she is now. Maybe she is still spending her time by the lake and as I had forgotten about her-she forgot about me. In the nature by the lake with all her other friends and her being a part of it. It’s a bit of a view from a child’s eyes-a mix of reality and fantasy where what was real and what was a made-up memory is in a bit of a blur, like a fairy-tale which at that time had felt like the actual vibrant reality.