Sint Lucas Antwerpen MA in art, design and image in a jewellery context. Elise Hoebeke obtained her Bachelor of Interior Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent, and a Bachelor of Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at Sint-Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. Currently she is studying for her master’s degree Jewellery in Antwerp. As a starting jewellery artist she is interested in a world where space, object and jewellery comes together.


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For my ‘Personal Unit’ project I created objects, which are dependent of the measurements of my own hands. These are used as new units for measuring instruments. The tools I made look mathematical at first sight. Nonetheless, they are related to my body. The poster I made for ONBOARDS shows how I measure with my hand, with my personal measurements. This message on the street would invite people to think with me about how we measure and what the measuring standards are – my inspiration for the project. Getting the other to think of comparing their sizes with mine becomes, as it were, a human way of measuring. It’s not about numbers, but about repetition, touching, looking and understanding. Measurements are reinvented through the use of personal units. I reflect on the ways in which we try to understand and structure everything in our world. I create space for imperfection and illogicality. Measuring is relative. Measuring is comparing. Measuring is human. Each unit is as unique and personal as a piece of jewellery.