Using the city as his studio, Frederik Lizen (°1986, Mortsel) creates art that embraces a democratic ideal. Since 2010, the artist has been working with the pseudonym En plein public, appropriating non-spaces or grey areas in the public space of Antwerp as his canvas.

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Lizen’s colourful work, preferably painted on wooden fences securing construction sites, stimulate a dialogue and converge the private act of looking with public habits of a broad audience. This process works both ways. In addition to the vision, expression and background of the artist, the works are also determined by the city itself. Along with the fact that he does not start on a blank canvas, Lizen intentionally leaves his paintings untouched for longer periods of time, subjecting the piece to external factors. As a result, it can be repainted, contain graffiti, be replaced or even destroyed. It provides the artist with a certain kind of freedom, making his best artistic decisions outside by ‘quickly looking left, right, straightforward’.