Hongyu Liao, a fashion designer from China, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine arts in 2020, and currently lives in Belgium. He obtained 2 bachelor’s degrees in fashion design with more than 6 personal collections released in 2016. The bachelor graduation collection in 2020 got a high score and impressive compliment from the tutors and editors of the Vogue Italia talent. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hongyu___liao/


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Throughout the whole school time, He focuses on exploring the boundary of menswear fashion and creating digital media content, he tries to mix the new techniques of textile with the unique garment structure and bring them to the experimental menswear. In the future, he plans to bring them to the daily men’s fashion and make them wearable and acceptable.

Description of Artwork
This work is from my bachelor graduation collection ” Shield of weakness”, which is a experimental menswear collection. This collection starts from a feeling and an emotion when I firstly studied in the academy and stayed in Antwerp, stressful and weak. At that moment, I always want to find out something powerful strong to protect myself and feel safer. The Inspiration of this work is the plastic body cover that used by the people protect themselves in the early corona period.