After her training in jewellery design, Ingrid Verhoeven continued her studies in Comparative and Intercultural Literature and later obtained her Master’s degree in the Autonomous Context at Sint Lucas Antwerp. She teaches jewellery design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

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Her interest lies in both fine and applied arts, and in writing. The question is always what defines a work of art, both in applied and in fine arts. Ideally, idea and image coincide, in or explicitly, depending on what is needed.
This whole text is originally the title of one of the works in the graduation project
Anyhow (2021). The work referred to is a small penis –less than a centimetre high- in a considerably larger frame, which gives it its appearance. The text starts with the familiar beginning of a typical joke, the walking into the bar. A scene that culminates here in a poetic reading of a dick drawing, read by a nine-year-old boy. Dick drawings and other (quick) graffiti signatures are part of the city. They represent an urge for presence (rising ego) of teenagers. Walking into a bar softens the ego by providing an optimistic understanding of the situation