Jesse Tomballe (°1986, Antwerp) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied painting at the royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp, and received an MFA in 2009. Besides his work as an artist he teaches painting at the academy of Leuven since 2016. His work has been exhibited at Kusseneers gallery, Brussels and been included in several groupshows in Antwerp.



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The portrait as a genre forms a leitmotif in my work which enables me to experiment both stylistically and thematically. The figure and its surroundings gradually emerge while painting, with stylistic considerations taking precedence over the theme. Depending on the subject matter, I work on different formats and aim for a naturalistic representation. My interest within portraiture does not lie strictly in the representation of certain individuals, but rather in the use of the figure in an allegorical sense. In this way I try to bridge the gap between reality and imagination.