Josse De Maesschalck (°1996) started as a writer/director and painter. For years, he was searching for the stories he wants to tell.

Instagram: @_waanzin


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The main goal is that his stories open a new and unknown world, where the viewer is ready to escape in, like we escaped as a child. Ready to wander around. Not able to see or discover everything at first sight, but ready to explore on your own pace. A world of beauty and simplicity, like the world we saw as a child. The importance to embrace our inner child and explore the world as careless and innocent as we were, is what keeps us alive. This is the main thread throughout all the stories of Josse. On the big screen, canvas or paper.
‘Hier Woont Een Koning’ (‘A King Lives Here’)
Whenever we walked as a kid in the forest, and we saw a big, ancient house, we all pretended we were knights or princesses in a new, fantastical kingdom. This is a feeling we all still have, deep down inside. It’s a small childhood wanderlust that lingers inside. I never lost the feeling. It even grew bigger. The need to explore, wander and fantasize within the world around me. Creating a new world and exploring that new world. That feeling is what i want to bring up with this work.