Sint Lucas Antwerpen MA in art, design and image in a jewellery context.

Born in 1995 in Antwerp, Belgium where she still lives and works. She studied Fine Arts at Luca school of Art and Jewellery Design at Sint Lucas (BA).

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KaouterZair is a visual storyteller exploring lost and forgotten stories about customs revolving around jewellery. She examines various media when telling her story. Her work consist of things she makes and finds, using the internet as her archive. Naturally curious she is driven by why we do the things we do. She portrays the history of why. Answering and reintroducing them to the public is prioritized in her work. She does this with photography, installation and jewellery. Her practice is research based focusing on material culture.

Untitled ( Pearl knotting)

This work was part of my graduation project: Tie a Knot. In this project I researched different aspects of the knot and how it’s used in jewellery and in daily life. With this project I invited the viewer to discover the mundane beauty that is often overlooked. By telling six different stories about the knot I wanted to show the versatility, beauty and all roundness of the knot. Untitled (Pearl knotting) is a work about the technique used to string up pearls into a neckless. In it lays its strength and quality. It’s a crucial part of a pearl neckless, yet it’s often overlooked. I wanted to direct your gaze to this humble yet important part of the neckless. By zooming in and enlarging the image it gets the honor it deserves. The poster was part of three other works revolving around this technique.”