Katrien Thomas is a Belgian artist. She lives and works in Spa. She graduated as a Master in Law at KU Leuven, lived and worked in Africa for several years and had a long career as a managing director of a family-run company.

Instagram: @katrienthomass


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Recently, Katrien rediscovered an old love for painting. She is currently enrolled in a part-time study in painting at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts DKO (Antwerp). Katrien is an amateur of photography and in her artwork, she often starts from an image coming from her personal photo archive. The images are a portrayal of facts from the past. By processing a photo image into a painting, the past fades into imagination.

Submitted artwork :
Les damiers du fleuve
Oil on Canvas: 115x150cm
This image refers to a period in the artists life where she lived in Congo. With this painting she wants
to highlight the optimism of the local population