My grandpa once bought a farmhouse on a piece of land in France. Just outside a small village called ‘La Chartre sur le Loir’, this area lies secluded on top of a hill, looking out over the valley and other farms below. The farmhouse itself is old and throughout the years has been renovated and improved upon, while keeping its authentic character alive.
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Coming there every year during the holidays as a child, I have fond and magical memories of the place. We had our own piece of forest to explore and play in, the night skies to behold and fires in which to stare and get lost. Yet, how familiar and safe this all felt, the place itself has always had a mysterious and elusive atmosphere to it. In front of the house, to be seen straight from the living room, stands a dolmen. Every year my recollection of it seemed to have changed. It consists of seven carrying stones and one table stone. It is a world on itself, plants and mosses are covering the rocks, which hold a thousand different colours. Little ponds, ravines and ridges make for a miniature landscape which I also vividly explored during my stays in France. Throughout the years I have been feeling a stronger connection to the structure, it is alive and in my eyes it could be as valuable to me as a family member. To me this stone is a true embodiment of eternity, maybe that’s why this place feels so timeless. With my work I’m searching for ways to transpose the mystery of this place and give it new bodies.
Description of work
The photograph shows a temporary installation of mine, which I sometimes perform in public space. Smoke rises slowly from underneath the sidewalk and clouds its visitors in a dense mist. The work consists of a chemical fireworks recipe which is ignited under the stones of the pavement. The photograph shows a section of the tile under which I’ve placed the work. It shows some plants, who also seek to grow from underneath the tile, covered in a thick fog.