I was born in 1972 in Brussels. After university I worked for several years in a company. Subsequently, I took care of my three children full time. At the same time, I studied painting for three years at the Stedelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Jan Portaels in Vilvoordeand three years at the SLAC Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst in Leuven. Since 2020 I’m painting and drawing full time in my studio in Meise. For one of my works I have recently obtained an honorable mention at the Nationale prijs voor schilderkunst ”Louise Dehem”organized by the city of Ypers.

Website : www.laurencedurieu.be
Instagram : laurencedurieupaintings
FB : laurence durieu

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My paintings are usually reflections of things happening around me. I create an imaginary world with characters and animals. For materializing my thoughts, I mix childhood memories with elements coming from my surroundings (members of my family, animals, plants, …). I have created « Waiting for better times » for the ONBOARDS Biennale 2021 exhibition. It represents young people, this so-called forgotten generation, in today’s health crisis. They are overcome by a feeling of loneliness, abandonment and are waiting for better times. Why put animals in my paintings? Because they are a part of me, it has to do with my childhood. When I was 5 years old, I used to listen very often to the story of the Little Prince told by Gérard Philippe. There was a passage that caught my attention, that of the fox who suggests to the Little Prince to tame him, to create links. Three years later, we found a baby jackdaw bird that we fed and tamed. The magic of the Little Prince was becoming reality. Still today I talk to the animals that I meet when I go for a walk.