My practice is based on questioning my surroundings by looking through a lens.

Instagram: @lambrechtlou


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I feel safe whenever I’m behind it, which makes me able to observe different nations and cultures. Therefore I wanted to expand and search for spaces that lost their function and evoking a dialogue between those spaces.
These locations that allow someone to escape the real world. Also poetically; as if you want to go back to somewhere sometime. It’s an attempt to escape. The urge to disappear in another world or expanse. I often translate this in an installation work. I aim to make my video’s and photo’s feel intimate. You can feel my presence, yet I’m never visually there. The conversations are honest and come from a desire. For me, the sound is of great importance. I try to create a new space by using sound.
My recent works question my experience of the bushfires in Australia. I was fascinated by the color and the surroundings changing. When I arrived back to Belgium, I desired to find these same colors. I started my search by walking and observing. Memories are considered objects that are stored in a space of mind, and the process of retrieval is conceived as a search for these objects. The object itself can be seen as a reminder of the memory that maintains the retrieval of information. The statue can be seen as declarative memory The retrieval is important evidence to connect the dots of information which makes us understand the past. The past itself is already a memory. If we think about stone we connect it to the past.
“To live is to leave traces” like Walter Benjamin said.