My name is Luna Moraga-Garcia, I am From Limburg, Belgium. I study fashion at the royal  academy of fine arts Belgium. This year I’m making my 3the bachelor collection.

Instagram: @lunamoraga


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The outfit you see here is one of the looks from my collection. My topic is topiary, it is the  horticultural practice to train perennial plants by trimming the foliage and twigs of trees,  shrubs and under shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, both geometric  and fanciful. I find it interesting and funny to translate this theme directly into the garments. When I was  younger my grandfather was passionate about topiary and maintaining his garden, so I think that’s where my admiration for the craft comes from. Because of that I want to create  my own royal garden with my collection. In the oversized wool coat, an elephant is processed in fur. The bottom layer consists of a  silk fuchsia shirt with feathers incorporated into the cuffs and a suit made entirely of fabric  circles, which are fastened together with rings.