Marc Selanno (1992) works fluidly in inks and watercolours to create mysterious and often somewhat macabre content. Since 2021 he also releases a monthly webcomic called The Occult Monthly, inspired by mythology, ancient folktales and of course the occult.


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This painting is inspired by the mythological figure Lilith and the duality of her lore. Historically, Lilith is mostly seen as a demon associated with the night, sickness, extramarital seduction and the abduction of children. In some texts however, Lilith is described as the first wife of Adam, to whom she refused to be subservient. Because unlike Eve, who was later created from one of Adam’s ribs, Lilith and Adam were both created from the earth and thus should be equals. Was Lilith an evil succubus? Or the first torchbearer for emancipation and equality?