My name is Matina Vossou and I am a self-taught artist living in Athens, Greece.

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I believe that every face is a journey. Probably looking at faces is going to be our longest trip. Every color is an emotion. What we feel is the only present we know and by this we define our lives. Every one of us is a perfectly unfinished mosaic of emotions and ideas. Everything is connected. I use acrylics and a toothpick, a technique which I was taught by my father, who was an autodidact naïve painter. Except from painting, I also love writing. My play “The Nothing of People” (a dystopian comedy) was published in Greek in 2018.

About my painting
In my painting the two classic novel heroes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, are being interpreted as two hoboes in search for work roaming over the vast American countryside during the ‘20s. In my visual amalgam, the two characters maintain their original features; Don Quixote is a noble soul, a dreamer, a madman with a moral code. Sancho Panza, is a loyal friend and a more practical spirit. Together they move from town and town and fight for their survival. They are warriors of life’s hardships but also romantics tilting at windmills, dreaming of a more fair and equal society, where poverty won’t exist. Another fascinating feature of the hobo culture was their written signs, a kind of graffiti language chalked or carved on the places where they had been, in order to inform other travelling workers about the situation that they were going to deal with; positive or negative marks alerting and
proving the solidarity between them. So, during their journey, they were meeting people eager to help them out but also people hostile towards them, a mirror of societies always. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza could also be living today amongst us.