Maxim Ryckaerts is a visual artist and writer, based in Antwerp.

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He obtained his master degree at LUCA Ghent in 2014. Next to his artistic practice, Maxim was active as a curator and editor for Young Friends of S.M.A.K. and TSUA magazine. In 2019 he was a resident artist at AAIR, where he developed his research into the artistic potential of collections and archives. The relation between objects, stories, forms and language, is his main field of interest.

Short description:
With the work ‘Last Flowers’ (digital photograph) I document the flowers I bought for my girlfriend, shortly before we broke up. The bouquet is in a state of withering. Rather than referring to flowers as a memento mori, I would like to inscribe this photograph in the tradition of the Museum of Innocence (Orhan Pamuk) and the Museum of Broken Relationships. By submitting this image to the ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2021, I hope to elevate it from personal relic to autonomous artwork. The title ‘Last Flowers’ could also be read as an imperative.