Michel Vertongen, *98, Wilrijk
High School Diploma at Dé! Kunsthumaniora Antwerp
Bachelor Diploma in Photography at the Academy of Antwerp. Final Bachelor year was spent part-time at the Academy of Guangzhou, China.
Currently Master student Photography at the Academy of Antwerp.


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I was walking home when I discovered this scene. As it was getting dark quickly and without knowing for how long it would stay there, I rushed home to get my tripod and camera. The last sunbeams brought the bright green containers to the foreground as if it was a staged photograph. They become sculptures in an urban environment.
The containers stayed like this for a couple of days. Most likely because it was evidence to investigate what caused the fire, or a temporary artwork. A newspaper that hardly survived the fire hangs out of the right container. The headline reads that yet another care center has been hit by covid 19, a sign of the times. For me, this image can be read as a time capsule for the trash system as we know it, which is slowly changing as we follow in the footsteps of our neighboring countries. Sooner or later containers, as we know them, will only exist in photographs and places not
available to the public.