Mirim Shin is a Korean sculptor, based in Antwerp, Belgium. Born in 1991 in Suwon, South Korea. She received her MFA in 2020 from Royal Academy of Fine arts in  Antwerp, Belgium.

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Curiosity from the physical limitations of the body is largely an inspiration to her work. For her, the desire and imagination that come from the body’s limited function, such as legs that cannot go far, eyes that cannot see everything, are interesting factors. Accordingly, in general her work’s motif is about human’s fantasy, she explores the irrational state of human  beings through unconscious or imaginary images. Influenced by surrealism in her sculpture and drawing, she conducts experiments that combine psychological  forms with various properties of materials.

My Dolmen 

Stars run through my forehead  

Red mark wipes pupils  

When I look at the three stars 

scattered on the floor  

Laughing pupils 

Three stars ring the bell 

call the voice of an angel 

Laughing pupils 

Red blood sweeps pupils  

To dark water