I work in the field of contemporary printmaking, drawing and lately I am in pursuit of different technical combinations and the exploration of new materials. In the past years I experimented with objects and sculptural elements I put in compositions, looking for a way to bring 3 dimensionality into the 2d pieces.




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As an artist with bulgarian-anrmenian roots , I inherited the point of view of a cultural nomad. I explore the theme of the path and the belonging, connection, the symbolic meaning of the movement, the place as source of energy, creating context for us, people. There are resonances with mythologies of the ancient world in my work, willing to suggest a wide range of allegorical associations or just psychological moods. I have been inspired by the spiral, the most fundamental shape in nature and life. Coming from an association of the path and the cyclus, spiral as a metaphorical representation of the place and the process of searching for a meaning. This symbol for me represents eternity in one hand and opposite to that, it give the feel of ”getting to the core” of things. Further I am inspired by jungian analysis of this symbol as the representation of the subconscious process a person undergoes to coming-to-terms with one’s own inner center. In my works the spiral is crooked and disformed that it almost gains the characteristics and difficulties of a labyrinth. My adult experience with the path reminds me of a childhood memory I have, playing with a rainbow spiral toy. Life often feels like this situation, when the spiral intertwisted and I had to find a way to unweave it in order to continue playing