Art School alumnus Niels Beaufays found his inspiration in the everyday life occurence and the everyday reoccuring popular art.
Instagram: @tokworld


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A seemingly regular set table in an even more simple dinner room. Or not? Where are the guests? How many guests are there? have she, he or they allready arrived to the party? Is it a party? Did a guest bring the bottle or is the host prescient by having a chilled refreshment ready for a specific announcement? Are some glasses already used or will the bottle never get a chance to be emptied with the glasses replenished resultating in a potentially fun time? What’s behind the door? The Kitchen where our host could be working her or his magic by conjuring a succulent meal out of its pants? Or could it be the front door? Are they all in the kitchen mesmerized by a sudden accidental passage of a wonder of nature at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within our host’s kitchen? Or has the party allready ended? Has night fallen already and are all participants already bedridden, fuelled with pleasance taking their last time reminiscing the great dinner before entering the big sleep?