Born in 1991. Living and working in Brussels. Is a visual artist with an artistic practice emphasising language and narration via performance, installation, print work and video.


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After graduating with a MFA at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and a post master in Arts & Design at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Antwerp Poiz has been presenting his work in group and solo shows at Coherent Space in (Brussels), HELMUT space (Leipzig), Kunsthal (Antwerp), Museum M (Leuven), Centrale (Brussels), B32 space (Maastricht) and Centre Gravure (La Louvière) amongst others. Next to this Poiz has been participating in several Art Book Fairs (Bergen, Antwerpen, Charleroi and Vienna).

“Boodschap Van Algemeen Nut” 2021 –
(“Public Benefit Message”)
The posters who was designed especially for the ONBOARD Biennale reuses a text the artist found back in his Instagram feed. The work is meant to bring an absurd and comedic replacement of the Public Benefit Messages the Flemish government sends out on public television. In these weary times of social disstress and instability the artist
wanted to focus on positivity by placing a quick and playful message on a poster. Designed in the Belgian Tricolor; the aim is to unite instead of divide! Have a great day y’all.