Olga Georgitsia is an artist from Ukraine сurrently living and working in Munich, Germany. She graduated from a children’s art school, which was followed by a Masters Degree at the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.



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She works mainly in the field of painting. Her art is an exploration of the culture and philosophy that dominate human mass consciousness in the digital age. Olga Georgitsia finds inspiration for her work through Postmodern philosophy. She explores global themes in the modern society such as “disappearance of individuality”, “disorientation in contact with technology”, “existence in a system of collective consciousness”, which leads to questions such as: “Are we really the ones deciding how we should be?”, “How should we behave?”, ” How should we act?”, “What do we have to like?”. I created the work “Global Sale” in Photoshop and Illustrator. With this work I wanted to convey the aesthetics of advertising, which comes through many daily messages. In the race for clicks, the power of immediate attention becomes primordial: bright and promising advertisements perfectly capture us and convince us to the need for this or that product. And we believe that the possession of all “iconic” things should elevate us in the eyes of others and fill our lives with meaning. The culture of modern society is based on idealisation, success and transience. But what is it really: futuristic hyper-acceleration and perfection or anti-utopia and technostress?