Olivier le Maire de Warzée was born in 1974, in Brussels Belgium. He has been living in Antwerp for the last 18 years.

Website: www.olivierlemairephotography.com
Instagram: @olivierlemaire_photography


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After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Political Science, he pursued a career in financial consulting and human resources. Passionate about contemporary art and in particular fine art photography since a young age, he decided after several trainings about street and studio photography to take the plunge (2014). Since then he goes throughlife as a professional photographer in parallel with his career as head of human resources.
The guidelines of his work are perspectives, movement and evocation. His Black and Whites are characterized by contrast, deep blacks, each work must tell a story and create an emotion. His work in Color seeks simple lines, fineness, highlighted by pop and saturated colors. It does not freeze the moment but illustrates its representation of reality. No matter where he is in the world, Olivier goes hunting at the moment, the situation and the place that evokes a title, a word, a sentence, a saying. “It’s when the title comes to me instantly that I know that I have my image”.

Review Lensculture
Your taking on a strong vibrant even perspective and using the inherent languages of the lens. There is a dramatic sweep and a sometimes unusual perspective view presented to the viewer. As well you are expressing something about the mass of humanity in the urban landscape and contemporary environment. Where the human figures merge and disintegrate into the flow of machines and urbanity. Strong graphics and bright brilliant light.