Sacha Eckes (B/USA) °1971 was born in Bruges but spent half her life in California. She studied printmaking at LUCA, Gent and holds a teaching position at the Academy, Mechelen.

Instagram: sachaeckes

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Eckes works directly, impulsively, drawing inspiration from her surroundings, current events, life, love, her own work and most importantly the established art world, none of which escape the sting of mockery – often subtle, at times blatant. On that score her work is famously reactive, appropriating the pages of prestigious journals such as Art Forum and subjecting them to a highly personal process of transformation and pointed visual commentary. She also makes over posters announcing the exhibitions of her famous peers subverting them in ways that verge on hilarious while exposing the mechanisms of artistic celebrity and commerce. So it only seemed logical that she would submit a work to the ONBOARDS Biennale. She only found out about the project after noticing the Quarantine edition so was thrilled to notice a call for submissions on Instagram. This specific poster she is submitting is a made over poster for an exhibition called PIKANT, an exhibition by Ferdinand Huts in Moorsel. This A0 sized poster is part of a larger series of the same PIKANT poster but remade in different ways. One of the reasons she chose to submit this poster is that almost nothing of the original poster is left visible – just the ghost of the original. Sacha has had a few exhibitions of her Imposters and of her Ads of Art – most recently one of her reworked Luc Tuymans posters hung at the Muhka. She has held exhibitions at Bruthaus Gallery, Shoobil Gallery, Wunderwall at Plus One, Croxhapox, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen and so on.