Born In 1975 – Iran, B.A of Painting , M.A. of art research.




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Sasan Meftahi’s paintings are an expression of humankind’s pains and sufferings which could only be healed by death. He has projected his lived experience on the bodies and faces of aliens. If I were to suggest a keyword whereby we can enter the world of Sasan Meftahi’s painting, it would be “alienation”. This alienation is linked to our alienation from death because, from our perspective, death always means the death of others. In fact, we expect the ending death while ignoring it as something that could happen at every single moment of life. The painter’s feeling of alienation among the decaying bodies has been complemented with a metaphorical expression of dead and decomposing beings.The painter’s intense colors stink of blood and putrefaction. One may ask how and why they should enter this painter’s world. The answer is up to the observer. After all, gradual death and the degeneration of human body and soul is an itchy wound scratching which, though not healing, feels good. To the death-conscious being, this wound has existed since the dawn of eternity and shall remain there until the end of its night. We find the ancient remarks in Plato’s Philebus and the modern ones in the works of Freud. All human endeavor in the modern world is to use the survival instinct as a narcotic cure through an overwhelming and comprehensive pornographic illustration, which results in the prevailing nihilism. This approach contradicts the human dasein. Ignoring the human dasein is, in fact, ignoring death. In such egoless and godless circumstances, there come some artists who opt for an approach other than the prevailing one. Meftahi seems to be among the artists who create grotesque works to highlight this alienation from and ignorance of death. He holds, before us, a mirror in which we can see the brutal reality of gradual death and living among aliens.

Solo exhibition at The ” Atman” Gallery, Tehran, Iran During the past years, I participated in numerous group exhibitions such as:

“The impossible Year” ODU Gallery, Norfolk, Virginia, USA- 2020

“Fifth annual painting of Alborz” , Mehrad Mall, Alborz, Iran – 2020

Body drawings” City Gallery, Kermanshah, Iran – 2019

An exclusive interview in International Art Market Magazine- Issue #48 – 2020 Art Hole Uk Magazine , Issue 5 , Oct 2020


I’ve got a stone in my hands, and there’s a crow in my mind! I fear my self.Painting is a treatment for my inner sicknesses. My childhood and adolescence era were passed with tramp and bombard through the war. It compassed me either with fear and anxiety through the lost youth, so surly it imported my (works) pictures, too. Humans and the tragedies they caused were portrayed with an aggrieved personality full of fear and anxiety with sharp colors and expressive expression and steady scratch.They’re full of fears, anxiety inside me, and the society…