Stans Vrijsen lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. Here she graduated in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. These days, the golden combination, of teaching and sustaining an artistic practice, has been achieved: Stans teaches art in Sint-Lukas Brussel Kunsthumaniora.

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Being a painter she explores different media, both analog and digital. In this journey she is not alone! Vodka Candy (°2018) is an artist collective and magazine. Five painters -friends, female, frivolous – look for the common ground of their differing artistic practices. Each edition comes with a new approach and a customised set-up, in collaboration with fellow artists. Vodka Candy has presented works and publications at Social Harmony, SMAK, RECYCLART and more. For this billboard project I have selected one image from my recent video performance ‘SPLASH ’N DAZZLE DAZZLE ’N SPLASH’ as part of ‘VODKA CANDY 8: Sisterhood of Slapstick (live). Executed in a space of mirrors and beamers, this image was used in the background as a videomontage. Now I want to showcase the quality that this particular image possesses by framing it in the streets of Antwerp. It is an autonomous image displaying bright green colors and pixelated lines and surfaces. Aldough it an abstract image, it starts making references on its own. Perhaps it is Medusa’s hair that is moving through the picture.