Taisia Korotkova: is a Russian artist born in 1980, Moscow. She studied in the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum from 1991 until 1998 and graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art institute named after V.I Surikov in 2004.

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Korotkova graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow in 2003. In 2010, she won the Young Artist of the Year award, a Kandinsky Prize, the most prestigious art prize in Russia, comparable to the Turner Prize in the UK. Korotkova takes part in Russian and International exhibitions. Her works are in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Benetton Foundation, Republic of Austria, the Smirnov & Sorokin Foundation and the Institute of Russian Realist Art. She now works and lives in Moscow. Taisia Korotkova’s “Han” is a work that depicts the first Cyborg. The theme of the work is incredibly contemporary, whereas the technique, tempera on wood, is old and relates to art history. In this work the artist explores the relationships between human society and contemporary science, industry and technologies. The themes of her last series are space exploring, human reproduction technologies, Soviet nuclear heritage and its influence on the human life and ecology, the most fundamental questions of contemporary physics. Aesthetics of the world of science, environment of laboratories and industrial spaces, on the one hand, attract her as a painter, but ambiguity of its content excites her. Science, in itself, is neutral, it’s only a tool. It depends of man’s will, how to use it. The most important for her is to formulate the questions, to open the discussions.