My name is Victoria Lebrun, I am 22 and I have been studying fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp for three years now. Before that, I have studied two years in Paris, literature, sciences and art to eventually pursue my dream of studying fashion design here in Antwerp.

Instagram: @vivevic

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My submitted artwork is a composition of a picture of my collection’s first look I have been working on this year at the Fashion Department. My collection is inspired by the Zazous’ french subculture happening in the 40’s. Young people responding to the absurdity of their time by developing an eccentric and provoking dress code and organizing secret jazz parties in the cellars. Through my designs I have tried to translate this leading energy that can be illustrated by this metaphor « after the rain, the sun ». The simple 3D rendering is also evoking the new digital process we had to work with due to the Covid crisis and the new ways we have to present our fashion work nowadays.