Wouter Van Loo was born in Ghent and is currently living and working in Antwerp City. He was educated for 14 years at the better mental art institutes of the Belgian Empire.




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To be able to pay for food he works as a sculptor for rich and/or famous artists, ‘Kabouter Plop’ and ‘Tomorrowland’ a dance festival that is against drugs. In addition, he also pursues a modest artistic practice as visual artist and curator. As an artist he masters different skills and theoretical discourses and as a curator he likes to work with all kinds of young artists. In his own work he is focusing on collage, objects, and sculptural installations. His body of work can be described as conceptual, critical, and activist but well-crafted and aesthetic. For the moment he is working on an exhibition and publication of an artist’s book with a collection of 100 text collages on art and philosophy. Oh yes, in his spare time Wouter Van Loo is committed to the visual arts collective NICC where he strives for a fair status and human income for other artists. Not to forget, with the help of ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2021, the artist can positively advertise the visual arts, thank you!

A brief description of the submitted artwork
What you see here is a reproduction of a text collage on A3.
The original is part of a series entitled:
A MANIFESTO, 100 Basic Ideas About Art and Philosophy.
The source material of the letters is art- and advertising magazines. Note that the letters are mainly capitals which seem to be yelling at us. The artist chose this work because he wants to demonstrate that one of the most important ways in which art manifests itself, is by questioning ‘itself’ and society. The disruption this questioning causes is the right condition for new things and ideas to emerge. So, in short, the artist asks for nothing more than understanding for the critical role of art in society