Xuanlin Wang (1994) is a textile designer, artist, performer and photographer whose practice tackles the potency of symbiotic relations betweenhumanbeings , their natural environment and the role of art within this constellation.



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In Wang’s s c u l p t u r a l a n d a c t i v i s t performances, the artist subverts the idea of culture versus nature by means of interweaving both fields of research. Her art is focused on creating a new collaborative visual language of different art forms as well as creating a new mode of thought within the environmental movement. The aim of making natural materials is to question the balance between our natural environment and art and to begin a discussion of the relationship between the human body and the c o n s e q u e n c e s o f o u r environmental issues. Her endeavour is to create the artworks in the context of climate activism for public environmental awareness. Using the physical body as a representation of our direct connection to the natural environment and the materials found in nature as a medium for art. A symbiosis of the individual, the natural environment, and the self-need to express ourselves through artistic creations. Xuan-Lin Wang creates performative s i t u a t i o n s w h e r e i n s h e addresses her physicality and the manufactured objects as a representation of our collective interconnectedness with the natural environment.

Performance description.
The live-performance will happen on July 31th in the afternoon. In antwerpen city, public spaces, the performer will use the paper/ink/body as an object to obtain the signal from the environment. The idea of the performance which related to Xuanlin Wang’s researcher proposal of “Environmental-consciousnesses hypothesis “. This performance will be an extempore and interactive (if the passengers want to join) performance without any rehearsal or setting. The art work will directly give to the passengers. The start point is the entrance at oorlogsmonument Stadspark Antwerpen (with billboard), then maybe walk into the park to look for the different messages from the environment. The aim is to use the body pattern to deliver a message to the passenger for observing the trace in our body which finds the coincidence of the relationship between human beings and nature. How can we have a different perspective to view our body as well as our environment?