Jewellery department BA3
b.1994, Timișoara, Romania / currently based in Antwerp, Belgium

IG handle @ann.raluca

Andreea Raluca Cojocaru
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Andreea Raluca Cojocaru is a visual artist who graduated in 2018 with a degree in Fine Art Graphics from the Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara, Romania and currently studying Contemporary Jewellery at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary, developed through jewellery as her main medium of expression alongside photography and artist books. Her work communicates about everyday life using humorous remarks and imagery, where jewellery becomes a link between the body and the world around.
Brief description of the work
The concept took shape around the idea of one’s value, specifically about the value of labour or craftsmanship. My work comments on the environment in which products are being produced, more specifically about the fair compensation of labour, expressed through jewellery as a medium.
Title: Made in Belgium (by a Romanian)
Materials: silver, pearl


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