Anne-Will Lufting (1992, Emmen) lives and works in Groningen (NL). In 2017, she completed her study at the Minerva Art Academy cum laude.


Anne-Will Lufting


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The work of Anne-Will Lufting is based on two principles: fundamental painting, which is about formal aspects such as color, shape, size and material, and her fascination for folding and shiny objects. She combines her craftmanship with the autonomous aspect of painting, by painting tarpaulin after it is transformed into a sculpture. In 2019 Anne-Will Lufting won the Talent award for best artist in the province of Drenthe and in 2021 her work was published in ‘’De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender’’ (the Large Dutch Art Calendar). Her work is added to the collection of the Artphy foundation (Groningen) and the foundation: ‘What Art can do’ (Amsterdam).

TITLE: Cadmium yellow + aqua
SIZE: 65 x 48 x 19 cm
MATERIAL: alkyd paint on tarpaulin
In my work I’m analyzing and redefining the function of painting. What is painting? The application of colored pigments on a canvas. I take it to the next level by replacing the linen or cotton for tarpaulin and replacing the stretcher bars with other materials of different sizes and thickness. Tarpaulin bends at certain angles in its own way, creating unique folds. When the tarpaulin has been applied to the object, it is painted in two enhancing colors that are applied seamless together.


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