Arne Wastyn (1993) is a graphic artist who lives and works in Antwerp.
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Arne Wastyn


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His ever growing collection of footage found in magazines, books and digital media always forms the basis of his work. By editing, cropping, screenprinting and combining these images, Arne creates a new visual language constructed by visual associations and inspired by human basic instincts. His work reveals the complex mechanism of representation and the brain in relation to our basic instincts. Shifting reality towards a more intense reality. Arne translates this work in numerous prints, drawings and artist books.
Do not watch this
How many times do we watch when we are advised not to watch… For On Boards Show up / show off I created a billboard advised not to watch. The image consist of torn open canvas or wall with inside a bouquet of flowers. The viewer is advised not to watch. The bouquet of flowers is a found image in a vintage interior magazine meant to impress guests. On its own this images is innocent but the combination of all these elements loads the poster with meaning. The eye in the illustrations is looking back to the viewer. Who is watching who? The billboard who is waiting for a glimpse of passers-by or the audience who is advised not to watch but secretly wants to peep an eye. Since this image is a still the viewer will never get the satisfaction of knowing why not to watch. Which of course is the whole point of Do not watch this… This innocent billboard lets the viewer reflect on how we process the maelstrom of images in our daily lives.

404 PAGE NOT FOUND, group exhibition, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke
11.06 – 28.06.2020
RUNNING UP WALLS, group exhibition, Kop vzw, Antwerpen
16.05 – 25.05.2020
RECLAIM AWARD, offset print on billboard 356 x 252 cm, Cologne
BOOKS MADE PUBLIC, Eden booklaunch / group exhibition, Cinema OFF off, Gent
23 – 31.05.2015
REDIRECTING IMAGES, group exhibition, Geuzenhuis, Gent, 2015
30.04 – 02.05.2015
WITLOOF TWEEDE KEUS, group exhibition, In de Ruimte, Gent
01.05 – 04.05.2014
OVERWELDIGEND GEWELDADIG 2, group exhibtion, Zwarte Zaal, Gent
launch still to be announced
Mer. & B&L, Gent
Domestic Club 2020
June 2019
DW B magazine
April 2018
June 2016
Self published
June 2014
Self published
25.05 – 10.06.2020
Kop vzw, Antwerpen


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