My preferred name’s Auncer Pizante, I am an Intermedia Art Second Year student at the Edinburgh College of Art, currently residing in vicinity of Los Angeles, California.

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Auncer Pizante


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The work is grounded in esotericism. With former research into Antwerp, Belgium’s “Diamond District”, I began investigating the spiritual properties and qualities attributed to the diamond gemstone, namely its affiliation with Greek root term “Adamas”, translating loosely to “Indomitable” or “Invincible”. Diamonds are equally assigned properties of love, virtue, and courage, which I felt was embodied in a disseminated form of angels as projections of diamonds, refraction, and the aforementioned properties. In my own work I enjoy blurring the boundary between the physical realm and spiritual philosophy, and much like this “City of Angels”, there is a sense of hovering watchfulness, as though through human interactivity and engagement with the arts, there is a tethered awareness of something just beyond the veil of tangible reality. The work is primarily digitally illustrated and manipulated via Photoshop.


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