Bernadette Zdrazil born in Germany, Munich 7.9.1991 

In Munich she finished her studies in graphic design and came to Antwerp  to study fashion at the Royal Academy. To be able to work more freely she  changed after 2,5 years to the sculpture departement, where she is graduat ing this year.


Bernadette Zdrazil


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Bringing people together and questioning collective habits and daily behav iours are significant in her practice. She doesn’t make a destiction between  art and life, but creates her life to an artlife work. By that she aspires to in spire her surrounding and communicating joy and playfullness. 

‘THIS IS FOR YOU’ was a happening at the Exhibition ‘Redemption Song’ cu rated by Hans Theys in the gallery Art Partout. 

Art, says Richard Tuttle, is food for our inner life, especially in a society  where any form of inner life is stamped out as soon as possible. This was the  theme for the exhibition, which inspired me to inniciate this happening. To  share with the visitors a cake and create with that an atmosphere of warmth.  Especially in the times of Corona a lot of inner life is stamped out. And I be lieve that eating a cake and looking at flowers can give us a lot of inner life  and joy back. It is something universal and makes us happy. 

This poster for the billboard functions for me as a piece of cake, everybody  can have a piece/moment of joy by seeing the image. 



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