Hello! My name is Klara-Marie, I am a third year bachelor student in the costume department. I was raised in Sydney, Australia, but fate brought me to Europe and eventually to Antwerp to study costume design.

Blahová Klara


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Through our second year historical assignment I fell in love with undergarments, corsets and lingerie and decided to explore that further. I use dead-stock and vintage materials to create what I like to call “experimental lingerie”, different silhouettes and shapes then we are used to seeing in a contemporary way. I like to focus on visuals as well, exploring historical references and feminine shapes through photography, in which I collaborate with my partner, Michael Smits. In this picture we also collaborated with third year jewellery student Jente Fleerackers. I create under the name VONA, which means “her” in the Prague dialect where I spent my teenage years and where my parents are from.


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