David Somers (Antwerp, 1986) is an artist located in Antwerp. From an early age he began to explore his creativity by picking up his grandfather old and dusty guitar. Music in all of its forms was always an essential part of his life and he began to look for this is everyday things . To capture this moments, photography seem to be the perfect medium.

Website: www.davidsomersphotography.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/david.somers.photography/


David Somers


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David taught himself the art of photography believing that the process is equal to the eventual product. The search for underlying emotions in our modern society and exposing this is one of the central themes in his work. David’s art is a particular mixture of ‘street photography’ and architectural photography. He puts the spotlight on scenes from the underbelly of our society, many of which we pass by every day without noticing. Is this beauty or just the ugly truth that he uncovers? The answer to that question is in the eye of the beholder.
Description submitted artwork: ‘Cars en Scratches’
‘Cars and Scratches’ is a work that combines the distinctive aspects of David ‘s photography. The picture is a mixture of street – and architectural photography in which it’s not totally clear what’s going on. Although the photo is unstaged, you get the feeling that you’re dropping in the middle of a story that’s being unfold. The more you look at the work the more layers and details you uncover.


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