Fen de Villiers grew up in Scotland, and found his sculptural calling in Antwerp. In 2021 he presented a series of stone works at his 4th solo exhibition ‘Breakthrough’ at Galerie Verbeeck – Van Dyck.


Fen de Villiers


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Fen: “Stone carving for me is the absolute essence of sculpture. You work directly in a material that was given to you by nature: raw and with its own free will, but at the same time pure and imbued with age-old vitality.” Fen takes his inspiration from the vitalistic early Modernist movements. He is always looking for archetypes of strength, dynamism and energy, and seeks to create powerful sculptures that uplift the viewer’s spirit.

Work: ‘Breakthrough’

‘Breakthrough’, the flagbearer – The flagbearer is the first one to break through the line and push forward onto new ground.

Material: French limestone ‘Lanvignes Jaune’ – Height 145 cm

Picture: Alain Six


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