Francisca Brunet, living and working in Santiago, Chile. Expressionist and naive characteristics are frequent in her paintings, the imagery reminds of where she comes from and its natural and human diversity, colors, forms and subjects. In an intuitive and intimate way of approaching painting, she relates her personal history with her own experience of the world. In the same spontaneous way, through the lens she grabs details or short instants of certain places, times or states that are difficult to describe with words. They are kind of little worlds presented as partial pieces of the world hidden in nature, in the city or amongst people. They reveal a collective and raw intimacy of nature and often, these pictures or frames are inspiration for her painting as they truly express part of what the world brings back to her.

Fransisca Brunet


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In “Absolution”, there seem to be no further intentions other than the spontaneous act of painting an imagery that builds itself at the same rhythm as figures and forms appear through every stroke. In first place it is possible to recognize the amorphous figures that immediately remind of basic biological bodies. Then, there’s an unidentifiable scenery that surrounds these figures and endows them with distorted humanity, as if they would be trying to become something real and tangible, but always falling into the bottomless pit of ambiguity, turning it almost impossible to establish an accurate meaning for the forms represented but opening a path for multiple self-reflections that speak about ideas and images that are sometimes hidden at the very bottom of our unconscious. This piece is also part of a series of paintings that work as contemplation exercises. This contemplation is spontaneous and indirectly leads to expressionists responses of what captures my attention during the course of the day. These responses are mental exercises as well, in order not to absolutely fall into rationality’s hands. We as humans, tend to take control of every process, even if it is a creative one and, often, this control directly affects our inherent capability to empathize and relate with the environment in an emotional rather than a rational way, not allowing the depths to emerge and confront us with what’s truly essential.


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