Dutch artist Frederique Kraus began her life in Leiden in 2001. She’s currently studying In Situ at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, after studying illustration and animation for one year at AKV st. Joost, Breda. In 2022 she spent one semester at NCAD Dublin for an Erasmus program, concentrating on sculpture and expanded practice. Her work focuses on how images, things, and people may communicate with one another. Installations, sound pieces, and collages all demonstrate the relationships that appear. She looks for connections between items in daily life and how these little acts might lead to special moments.

Instagram: @frederiquekraus


The images of my mother when she was my age almost make me feel like I’m gazing at pictures of myself. We maintain the same posture, gait, and grin. I feel secure when I touch my mother’s hands because I know I can rely on the connection between us. They’ll support me if I need it. At the same moment, I’m touching the person in the 40-year-old photos. I am interacting with an entity that has a deeper understanding of me and with whom I have a close relationship. Establishing a link between a past presence and a current presence, feeling a flow of energy across eras and generations. Seeing both the similarities and distinctions between us.


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